Dodger Prospect Video

Check out all the Dodger prospects from the Arizona Fall League in a video you will find at  This will help you see the face of some of the guys I’ve mentioned such as Greg Miller and Blake Dewitt.  Unfortunately, Greg Miller started today and had another bad outing.  Looks like he’s going to need another year at AA or AAA to figure out what he’s doing wrong.  Dewitt, however, is having a good Fall season, hitting .350 in 40 AB’s.  Another guy I want to mention is Cory Wade, who in 7 innings of work has a 1.23 ERA and 7 K’s.  I’m not quite sure what the injury status is with Chin-Lung Hu, but he hasn’t played since October 22nd, so he’ll probably just sit the rest of the season out to recover from his pulled hamstring.

Also, I want to apologize for mentioning the Dodgers getting Andy Pettitte yesterday, because apparently I didn’t do enough research.  He has said that he will either retire or play only for the Yankees, so I guess there is no way we can get the guy.  Finally, there have been rumors that Miguel Cabrera might be available via a trade.  While I would love to see him in Dodger blue, the Marlins will probably ask for too much in return.  The trade I’d be willing to do is giving up Andy LaRoach, Tony Abreu, and James McDonald for Cabrera.  What the Marlins will want, though, will probably be a package that contains either Kemp, Loney, or Billingsley, and to that I say No Deal!


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    I think one reason for the AA & AAA young players to do good is they can be used in trades. I’m sure teams would rather trade young prospects rather then the players that have already made the team. Of course guys like LaRoche and Abreu who have not found a spot on the team, the better they do the better the chances are to trade them. The trade you suggest is what we wish we can make. It will be interesting to see who the Marlins want, that’s when the fun begins.

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