Players we cannot trade

I know I talked a little bit about this yesterday, but with all the Miguel Cabrera talks, I wanted to list the guys that the Dodgers absolutely cannot trade.  Each of these guys has tremendous talent, and it will be horrible if any of them leave the organization.  They are:

Chad Billingsley – A stud pitcher with the potential to be our ace sooner rather than later

Russell Martin – Pretty obvious why…one of the best catchers in baseball

Matt Kemp – A five tool player who can hit at least 35 HR’s as soon as next season

James Loney – Showed that he will be an awesome player for years to come with some power

Jonathan Broxton – Struggled at the end of last season, but is only 23 and will be a solid closer for many years

Clayton Kershaw – One of the best pitching prospects in baseball.  May be able to help the Dodgers as soon as next Summer

So while we may be drooling over Cabrera, they are almost surely going to want at least one or two of these players in return.  Like I said yesterday, if that is the case, then we’d better not take it, or we will regret that decision for the next 10 years.  There are plenty of other prospects out there (Abreu, LaRoach, McDonald, Hu, and even Ethier) and while I think each of them has potential, if Colletti can work a deal using some of them, then I’m all for it.  Just don’t trade those 6 players!




    Ethier should be on that list. If he plays a full season I expect him to produce AT LEAST 80 RBIs and 20 homers. And he is very solid defensively. I wasn’t too impressed by the other new guys – La Roche, Hu, and Abreu…

  2. Michael

    The problem with Kemp, Loney or Kershaw (or any other prospect) being on that list is that Cabrera has actaully fulfilled potential, there isn’t a could, or can, or expect to with him. You don’t trade prospects like these for trading deadline deals or players past their prime but Cabrera is a no brainer.

    Kershaw has dominated at Single A, did well at AA but with 17 walks in 24 innings, there’s no guarantee there. Baseball is riddled with bad trades of prospects (Kazmir, Sizemore & Liriano) but there are too many to mention that never pan out. How did the A’s do with to “prospects” for McGwire or Hudson? As bad as the Dodgers deal was giving up Pedro Martinez, the Expos did worse with the “prospects” they received from the Red Sox.

    If giving up Kemp, Kershaw, or anyone else for either Cabrera or Santana is worth the risk.


    My list includes all the names you mentioned except Kershaw. Here it IS::::::: Martin, Loney, Kent, Furcal, Ethier, Kemp, Repko, Penny, Lowe, Billingsley, Beimal, Proctor, Broxton & Saito. Anybody else can go.


    Hey, Today’s Nov. 13th. They’re reaching into their pockets for A-Rod and Lowell and Torii Hunter & Andruw. IF NOT Trade winds are blowing. What do you have to say about it? Com’on think of something that you think people would not like to hear. That usually starts the fire going.


    Do not trade anyone except – Abreu, McDonald, DeJesus, DeWitt, or Young. Those 5 would still rank high in any other farm system. It is not our fault that we are more loaded with young talent than other clubs. If you can not land a very good #3 SP or a 40 35-40 HR guy with those prospects, then why bother? The fact is that by next year all these guys will be more valuable. Let the kids play, and if we are not in the hunt by the trade deadline, Kent, Nomar, and Lowe should be shipped out to further stock the Farm.

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