Hot Stove

Most people know how I feel about the Dodgers getting players via free agency or trades.  I’m usually against it, and would rather stick with what we have.  However, I’m pretty sure the Dodgers are going to make at least a few moves this winter, so I’d might as well break down the possibilities and give my opinions on them.

A-Rod:  As much as I’ve written about not acquiring him, if we signed him to a deal for less than 6 years, then really this isn’t a bad move.  However, I will say that I only like such a move if he is the only high priced offensive player we get.  If we sign him and then a guy like Andruw Jones, then that is just too much money to spend.  Also, if we signed him, I would be OK with trading Andy LaRoach for some pitching talent because his road to 3rd base would be blocked in LA.

Miguel Cabrera:  You can read my other posts about how I feel about this trade.  As long as we don’t include any of our great young players, then I am OK with.  However, it is unlikely that we can get him without giving up a young star, so I say stay away from this trade.  Plus, he’s overweight!

Andruw Jones, Torii Hunter:  If we don’t get A-Rod or Cabrera, then I can almost bet that we will sign either Jones or Hunter.  Once again, I haven’t been a huge fan of this move in the past, but if getting one of these guys is the only move we make, then I guess I will be OK with it. 

Any of the FA pitchers:  Don’t do it, they are all horrible, and anyone signing them will be forced to overpay

So basically, my guess is that the Dodgers will get either A-Rod, Cabrera, Jones, or Hunter.  With Joe Torre in town, McCourt and Colletti are going to try their best to get a big name player, even if it means overpaying for them.  While I’m not extremely happy with this, I’ve come to terms with the idea because I know there is nothing I can do.  So as the rumors continue to fly, LA fans can almost rest assured that they will get one of these players.

For the record, my guess is that the Dodgers get Andruw Jones.  Also, I bet that for the amount we pay him, LA fans will be greatly disappointed with the numbers he puts over the next few years.




    I think most of us, would rather have a home grown team, like the old days, but these days teams don’t have to wait to grow their own. It’s quicker to get what they need elsewhere. It’s like**** (If they can’t afford him we can. Since we can’t produce somebody in that position, let’s get him)****. I agree with you on A-Rod, because after a while his age becomes a factor. But Borass will proberbly fight for a longer contract. I also don’t like the opt-out clause. Anyway I think he will return to the Yankees. I don’t think we need an outfielder. Kemp replacing Gonzo and Pierre moving to left, suits me fine, unless we can trade Pierre, which I doubt. Jones or Hunter will create almost the same problem as Gonzo did. I would take Cabrera, only I hope they can curb his appetite, if it effects his hitting, as long as it doesn’t take anyone from my list, see previous blog,”Players we cannot trade”. You’re right there is nothing we can do about anything.


    LaRoche looks like a fine prospect, I hope not, but I think, like Betemit, he will blossom some where else.


    I honestly think the best thing the Dodgers can do is to hold onto our young players.
    Billingsley, Martin, LaRoche, Loney, Kemp, Ethier: these are the stars of 2008. The little bit I saw of Delwyn Young looked great.

    As for our pitching staff, Penny is great, Lowe shouldn’t try and throw a complete game unless the Dodgers have a lead of about 20 runs, Billingsley is getting there for a kid who was supposed to throw out of the bullpen, and it’s too soon to tell what Wells and Loaiza will do to us. Broxton is a great set-up reliever and Saito is a wonderful closer although he is getting up there in age. It was just that last month of 2007 that the wheels seemed to fall off the cart.


    I like that, *what Wells & Loaiza will do “TO” us* I feel our set-up man & closer, after the long winter’s rest will be back up there like they were mostly all season (Keep them fingers crossed). If any wheels are loose on Saito cart, I know he’ll just tighten them up. I feel our biggest problem is in our offense, we have to score more runs in order to keep up with the rest of the division. I was wishing they’d do it through free agency, but there’s not much out there except maybe Lowell. I hope the outfield is left alone. The only thing weak is Pierre’s arm. I fear a trade for Cabrera, because the Marlins want our best.


    I have new list called “some we can trade” the prospects, namely Young, McDonald, Kershaw, Hu, Megrew, Meloan, Valdez & Miller. There are proberbly more but right now they are unknown to me. Now with the money we didn’t spend on A-Rod we can use it along with a few of the above to trade for Cabrera and give him a contract. I don’t know if this is in the plans, but I sure wish it was. The Future is NOW.

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