I’ve been at work late all week, and I’ll be gone this weekend, so I just wanted to post a few quick comments about the recent Dodger activity.  First of all, getting Andruw Jones for 2 years really is a pretty good deal.  I know that over $18 million a year is a lot of money, but at least he is not locked in for 5 years or something.  He’ll provide great defense in center field, and I predict he’ll have some good year with the Dodgers.  He’ll still be playing for a big pay day since he’ll be a free agent again in 2 years, so I think he’ll give us his best effort.  My predictions for next year and that he hits 31 HR’s with 115 RBI’s, and a .273 average.  You heard it here first.

Next, I want to say that we cannot trade Matt Kemp.  After we signed Andruw Jones, all I kept hearing about is how we would now turn around and trade Kemp.  There is NO WAY that should happen.  We need Kemp in this lineup to win, and he should play every day in right field.  He has such great talent, that I would not give him up for anyone.  However, an outfield of Jones-Kemp-Pierre leaves Ethier on the bench.  As much as I like Ethier, I think he deserve to play everyday, so I wouldn’t mind trading him for a guy like Joe Blanton.  I mentioned a trade involving Ethier and Blanton a few weeks ago (see Recent Activity on Nov 23), and I still think that it could happen. 

That’s about it for now.  I’m almost positive that we will trade for or sign another starting pitcher, but I’m not sure who it will be.  I’m also pretty sure that we will leave the 3rd base job to both Nomar and LaRoache, which sounds great to me.  A lineup of Furcal, Martin, Loney, Jones, Kemp, Kent, LaRoache, Pierre looks pretty good to me. 




    I agree KEEP KEMP–KEEP KEMP, but I really don’t think that will happen. It seems like other teams have also struck up a real liking for Kemp. Most other teams favor Kemp over Ethier like you seem to do. So that makes him the most likely to use in a major trade. It looks like Colletti is thinking of Kemp as his BIG chip. Colletti also shows a lot of fondness for Pierre, but not to trade him like most of us would like him to do. In fact if the Dodgers don’t land KURODA I think it is Inevitable, that either Kemp or Ethier will be traded. I’m just preparing myself for it.


    The Twins, Orioles, and even the Oakland A’s want too much for a starting pitcher. I have been a fan for 50 years and one thing that seems to happen much more often now, is the failed health of the starting pitcher. When I was a kid, pitchers went out there every four days and it was nothing for a guy to pitch over 300 innings in a season. Now, a guy who can make it to the 6th inning and accumulate 200 innings is considered a “workhorse”. The “complete game” is not even asked of today’s starters. So, before you give up a Kemp or a Loney for someone like Bedard or Santans, remember that starting pitchers don’t stay healthy, no matter what they have done in the past(see Kevin Brown, Pedro Martinez,or Schmidt). And, when it happens, you lose 2 years. So, hang on to Kemp and Ethier. Sign a Kuroda and give guys like Meloan, Kershaw, Miller, and the other young guys a chance. Not only will the Dodgers save millions, but we fans get to see a home grown team, not a bunch of mercenaries like the Yankees or BoSox. If the Orioles think it is fair to give up Bedard, who has had ONE successful season, to Kemp, LaRoche, and Kershaw – – then, tell them “Thanks, but no thanks. I think I will play these”.

    As a side thought, talk Piazza out of retirement to become the Dodgers right-hand pinch hitter and backup catcher. What a perfect fit.


    The reason that Kemp’s name keeps surfacing in trade talk, is that the Dodgers see him as a problem in the dugout with his attitude, and he does not seem to make an effort to improve, relying on his obvious talent. I am sure Kemp is the player that got Jeff Kent so upset at the end of last season when he said certain young guys “just don’t get it”. After batting .342 and showing occasional power he is a very attractive trading chip. However, after a season of 25 homers and an exposed attitude, he will have all the value of a Sheffield, Milton Bradley, or Scott Rolen. Good luck getting anything of value for him then.


    DFKTAXMAN: I agree with what you said about pitchers, I’ve been through those recent years too. Pitching is important and it has always been the best part of this team since the move to LA, and at the present time I think we have enough, in agreement with you. I see no reason to trade for a pitcher, but I fear Colletti, has no fear of doing so. In fact, I think that is his plan if he doesn’t get Kuroda. I party disagree with you on Kemp, I think you’re right about the attitude but I think the fact that other teams have shown a lot of interest is his potential and you can’t blamed them for that, is what makes him the best outfielder we have for trade.


    I would hate to add that even if we get Kuroda, the outfield situation as it stands now with both Ethier & Kemp competing for right field, if this keeps up too long one of them is going beg to be traded.


    I think it would be prudent to keep all four players for the first month of the season, to see how it goes with different combinations. I also really like the comfort knowing that if one of these four gets hurt, we have a frontline player to step in. I cannot explain what I see in Kemp, but he looks like a train wreck sometimes while running, and I would not be surprised to hear that he tore a hamstring or tore his ACL. But, I know that Coletti is hot for the two Oakland pitchers and a deal of Kemp for Blanton, or Kershaw and LaRoche for Haren, seems inevitable. Still, I wish they would just outbid everyone for Kuroda and keep all the young guys until it is clear who can really play.

    One other note, I think Mike Piazza would make a fine backup catcher and RH pinch hitter. He has hinted at retirement, but a chance to rejoin the Dodgers, play sparingly, tutor Martin, and play one more year should prove irresistable. I would love to see him back in Dodger Blue – – still reeling from the day I heard the trade announced. Few players are willing to accept the diminished playing time that Russell provides, but it would be a selling point with Piazza.


    Yes* Kemp is a terrible base runner, sometimes I think nobody told him about coaches, or he closes his eyes when he’s rounding a base. I think he’s very childish from what I read. But I think he’ll grow out of this stage(I Hope) and the Dodgers may regret trading him, if they do. I agree with you on those pitcher trade rumors and going all out for Kuroda is the best thing. I heard of the rumor of Piazza, thinking of retirement and yes, wouldn’t it be just grand for the Dodgers to give him a chance to increase his highest HR total for catchers? Well only time will tell.


    I know somebody feels good around here with the news that Colletti said that Matt Kemp will not be traded. There is also another big rumor, by non other than Ken Gurnick, that Kuroda will sign with the Dodgers.


    It has been reported that KURODA has agreed to a 3YR contract with us, pending a physical, according to Ken Gurnick & Tony Jackson of the Los Angeles Daily News The Dodger have not yet announced it.


    Yes, it true and he has taken the physical and passed it and the Dodgers will make the announcement tomorrow and you will proberly turn this page around. It’s great news since the Dodgers now have picked up 2 FA and have not use 1 player so far.

  11. 1503phenom

    The Season has been shaky and a real nail bitter to say the least. But a Dodger fan win, loose or tie for life, I would love to have Furcal back and starting it off for us then Kemp, Either, Martin, Garciaparra, Lonely, Dewitt, Jones since Furcky won’t be back until Sept. put my boy Pierre who is guaranteed to get on base, the man gets all my respect the way he still loves the game is amazing! Get rid of those who are just collecting unemployment (Schimdt-Jones). If you decide to get a bat and have to trade for it I see Lowe and LaRoche being 2 candidates and some one or 2 in our our farm system. Our team is so dynamic and explosive but we need more consistency from all!! GO BIG BLUE ITS BEEN ALONG 20 YEARS!!! LET’S GO FOR OUR 6TH RING.

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