Newest addition

With the addition of Kuroda to the Dodgers rotation, I really think the team is coming together.  I’ve watched a few videos of him pitching in Japan, and I swear that his fastball has some rising action!  Our team as a whole is looking really good.  Top to bottom, our starting pitchers can compete with anyone in baseball, our lineup features at least 5 guys who can potentially hit 20+ homers, and our bullpen is still very solid.  We have younger versions of Olmedo Saenz and Ramon Martinez in Delwyn Young and Tony Abreu, and now we even have a backup catcher in Gary Bennett! 

While Colletti claims that we still have some moves to make, I don’t think that we will give up any of our big name prospects for anyone, since our team is pretty much set.  We may trade a lower tier prospect for a reliever or something, but I think that’s about it.  And honestly, I think the team we have right now can compete with anyone in baseball.  We may not have the most dominate pitcher or the top power hitter, but we are solid through and through.  I’m not just saying this cause I’m a fan either.  We are much better than last year because our younger players have had another year to mature, and I think that we are deeper as well.  Overall, I’m excited to watch this team play in the Spring (although I’m not too excited about the apparent increase in ticket prices!)




    Is this blog still in use? The young Dodgers are on the field in their “mini” camp and the Mitchell Report is going to congress. Let’s put it behind us and play ball.

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