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So while there haven’t been any trades or acquisitions since my last post, there have been a few things going on.  First, the Dodgers are holding a Prospect Development Program that is giving many of the Dodger minor league players the chance to see Dodger Stadium, workout with future teammates and coaches, and learn how to be a big league player.  I think that this is an awesome opportunity for these young players as it will give them the chance to understand what Dodger baseball is all about.  I also think it’s great that many of the current Dodgers, such as Kemp, Loney, and Andruw Jones, attended in order to get ready for spring training and meet the younger guys.  It shows that the Dodgers mean business and hopefully this program will continue for years to come.

Other news  has to do with the Dodgers agreeing to contracts with Repko and Proctor, while Beimel will probably go to arbitration.  I like Proctor, and I think that he provides a solid effort out of the bullpen.  Repko, however, I could do without.  I know that he would be on the team anyways whether we signed him now or he went to arbitration, so we didn’t really have a choice, but I just want to take this time to talk about how much I don’t like him.  I know he’s a hustle player and gives 100%, but he just isn’t good enough to be on the Dodgers.  He has no power, is not a very good outfielder, and basically takes playing time away from better players.  His only asset, his speed, has been hindered over the past 2 years due to injury, so I doubt his running ability will ever be the same again.  And, he injured Furcal last year, so that is also why I don’t like him.  We already have enough backup outfielders with Delwyn Young and Ethier/Pierre on the  bench, so lets just keep Repko at AAA  until he gets hurt, or until all of our other outfield options go on the DL.

Lastly, I want to mention my bobblehead collection, and give the Dodgers some suggestions for next year.  I know that the team has probably already decided on who they are going to give out this year, but I really think we need to see players like Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, and even Johnny Podres who passed away recently.  Anyways, the ones I currently have are:  Shawn Green, Hideo Nomo, Russell Martin, Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent, Tommy Lasorda, Rafael Furcal, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Fernando Valenzuela, Ceaser Izturis, Don Drysdale, Don Newcombe, Eric Gagne, and Paul Lo Duca.



  1. baseball6225@baseballworld.com

    Hey Brandon I agree about Repko. On another note that must be pretty cool having all those Dodgers bobbleheads. Whenever I go they aren’t giving anything away.

  2. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    You’re right about Jason Repko, 11HRs in 198 games. It’s true he hasn’t shown much power but I’ll always think of Pete Reiser whenever Repko comes to mind. I don’t think he has much of a chance to make the team as a regular but you never know with this team, they don’t seem to have anything against outfielders without power, remember Brett Butler, Dave Roberts, Kenny Loften, Juan Pierre and the like. As far as bobbleheads go, Brandon. I’ve never liked them, their bobbly ways and they hardly resemble the player they represent.

  3. comanche190@yahoo.com

    Repko has been a good man in the field while always getting injured. What can you do? He will have to fight for the last outfield spot. Good luck to him.
    The line-up is pretty good …

    1) Pierre LF

    2) Furcal SS

    3) Martin C

    4) Jones CF

    5) Kent 2B

    6) Loney 1B

    7) Kemp LF

    8) LaRoche 3B

    If it’s Eithier instead of Pierre …it’s 1)Furcal,

    2)Martin, 3)Loney, 4)Jones,

    5)Kent, 6)Kemp, 7)Ethier, 8)LaRoche.

    But that’s an expensive bench with Pierre and Garciaparra. Go get ’em!

  4. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    That looks like the lineup either way. Let’s just hope they can score some runs and support our pitchers. Actually I can’t wait for Ethier to start instead of Pierre. Can we hold our breath?

  5. goodgnuz@yahoo.com

    “His only asset, his speed, has been hindered over the past 2 years due to injury…”

    While I agree Jason ran well, his primary asset has always been his arm. He could throw a runner out at home from Pacoima. Late defensive replacement is probably his best role. And with a surplus of outfielders, probably the first to be expendable. But in the interest of giving him a fair appraisal, let’s not forget the respect baserunners gave him almost immediately when he arrived here.

  6. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Yeah That’s Repko. Good Arm, Plenty of speed and Reckless, just like Reiser. BTW Where’s Pacoima?

  7. cayucoskelly@sbcglobal.net

    No Dodgers on radio. How do I let the Dodgers know that we lost our Dodgers on radio (station went spanish & no baseball; with no replacement mentioned). We live by San Luis Obispo, Ca. There are more Dodgers fans here than San Fran. fans, yet S.F. has a very powerful am station. Not good for BLUE FANS. What should we do? Help

    40 yr. Dodger van Jim Kelly Cayucos, Ca.

  8. pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com

    Radio???. If you go online, you get MLBTV or you can catch Extra Innings on T.V. It’s amazing, you live in California and no Dodger radio? ****You proberbly need it at work I assume******. Aren’t the Dodger on regular TV there? I have it tough in N.Y. I have to pay more for it, but I’m shocked at what you say.

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