No Time

I really wish I could have made more posts in the past few weeks, but I just haven’t had time.  Work is crazy, and even my online class is taking up a lot of time.  Even this post tonight will be really short because I need to get up early for work.  Really, the only thing that gets me through the day is the fact that pitchers and catchers report on Thursday, and spring training games are just a few weeks away!

The only thing I really have time to talk about right now is the Mark Sweeney signing.  Personally, I think he is a good player to have on the bench, but I really hope he doesn’t prevent a guy like Delwyn Young from being on the team.  With the addition of Sweeney, we really have only 2 or 3 roster spots up for grabs, and we have like 50 guys trying to fill it unless players get hurt (which I really hope doesn’t happen, unless it’s Jason Repko).  Delwyn needs to make the team because he is out of options, and has proven his worth the last few years in the minor leagues.  Almost the same thing could be said for Tony Abreu (assuming he’s healthy), although he does have at least one more minor league option.  So those two guys need to make the team, and it looks like Hu and Repko will go back to the minors.  If the Dodgers decide to carry 12 pitchers, however, one of those guys (Delwyn or Abreu) will be in trouble because we then run out of roster spots.  So, like I said, while I like Sweeney as a pinch hitter, it does create a difficult situation for the Dodger roster.


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    You seem to have something against the veterans. (And Jason Repko). There is only one goal and that’s to win. That’s the bottom line. I like to have a lot of homegrown players but I root for the team regardless of the players. My experience tell me that a good ball club is made up of both experienced players and youthful players. Men like Kent,Furcal,Nomar,Jones,PierreLowe,Penny,Proctor,Beimel,Saito oh Yes & Sweeney are just as important as Guys like Martin,Loney,Kemp,LaRoche,Ethier,Young,Hu,Billingsley & Brockton. We don’t just draw a big black line at the age of 30. Don’t be so in a hurray to turn over the squard. They all wear the DODGERS uniform.

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