25 man roster

Before I get to my prediction for the 25 man roster, I wanted to mention a few quick things.  First, what happened to Andy LaRoche is really unfortunate.  Even if he wasn’t picked to start at 3rd base, he probably still would have made the team, and provided some much needed depth.  He was looking good this spring both offensively and defensively, but now he’ll have to rehab and probably won’t be 100% until sometime in June.  Now Nomar will have to produce, and while I don’t doubt his ability, his biggest problem will be staying healthy.  The other thing I wanted to talk about was the pitching of Clayton Kershaw.  I finally was able to see him pitch on TV after reading about him for 2 years, and he really did look great.  His fastball looked amazing, and his curveball was awesome.  While he probably could use some time in AAA, I can see him performing well right now at the big league level.  In fact, I would say that if he started the year as the Dodgers 5th starter and was with the team for the whole year, he would go something like 13-8 with an ERA of around 3.40.  Anyways, on to my roster predictions.

Guaranteed Spots on the Team:

1. Brad Penny – our #1 starting pitcher

2. Derek Lowe – solid pitcher…contract year

3. Chad Billingsley – could be the Ace by the end of the year

4. Hiroki Kuroda – should be great as a 4th starter with less pressure

5. Esteban Loaiza – may not start, but will make the team with a $9 million salary

6. Takashi Saito – Calf problem should be fine by next week

7. Jonathan Broxton – Hopefully won’t be overused this year

8. Joe Beimel – good lefty out of the pen

9. Scott Proctor – good inning eater in middle relief

10. James Loney – hopefully will pick up where he left off

11. Jeff Kent – just wants to win the world series

12. Rafael Furcal – should be 100% healed, will produce like in 2006

13. Nomar Garciaparra – Just needs to stay healthy and hit with RISP

14. Russell Martin – might just be the best catcher in baseball

15. Matt Kemp – could have a monster year in 2008

16. Juan Pierre – will probably start, needs to do anything he can to get on base

17. Andruw Jones – hasn’t looked good this Spring…needs a turnaround in April

18. Andre Ethier – deserves to start, but will get a fair amount of playing time

19. Gary Bennett – I guess we need a backup catcher

20. Mark Sweeney – just had his knee drained, but should be fine in a week

Not quite sure about, but my guess for remaining 5 spots:

21. Hong-Chih Kuo – I believe is out of options, and has most potential of lefty’s fighting of a job

22. Yhency Brazoban – has most experience in bullpen, and also the most potential of other options

23. Delwyn Young – not hitting a lot in Spring, but has shown his versatility and is out of options

24. Tony Abreu – hopefully is healthy by opening day to provide help off the bench

25. John Lindsey – would take the place of Olmedo Saenz…minor league stats last year were 30 HR’s, 121 RBI’s

So that’s a team with 11 pitchers. which is how I think the Dodgers will start the season.  The other guys who might make the team:

1. Chan Ho Park – having a strong Spring…would be 5th starter if it’s not Loaiza

2. Jason Johnson – another good candidate to be the 5th started…0.00 ERA this Spring in 4 innings

3. Mike Myers – a little older, but will likely be in bullpen if Kuo gets injured

4. Tom Martin – another lefty, but not hasn’t performed well so far

5. Chin-Lung Hu – will likely make the team if Abreu starts the season on the DL

6. Ramon Martinez – only if the Dodgers are really desperate…I really hope they aren’t

7. Jason Repko – will probably just get hurt again…already having problems

8. George Lombard – having a good Spring (.583 average), but probably no chance

Finally, I wanted to mention some of the younger players who have made appearances in Spring Games:

1. Blake Dewitt – 3B – value went up with the LaRoche injury, but needs more time in the minors.  Will probably start the season at AA and move to AAA by mid-season.  Can play both 2nd and 3rd base, and it has been said that his power development may follow along the lines of James Loney

2. Lucas May – C – He’s already 25 years old, but had good power in High A ball last year, with 25 HR’s.  Will likely start the year at AA, and may be able to Martin backup catcher by next season

3. Ivan De Jesus – SS – A great fielder who has some speed.  Still a young player, and hasn’t played above High A.  Will probably start at AA as well, and hopefully will develop his bat so he can eventually hit for a good average

4. Xavier Paul – OF – Will probably only be a 4th outfielder one day for the Dodgers, unless he develops his power.  Will be in AAA this year.

5. Clayton Kershaw – LHP – Already talked about him…will be awesome very soon

6. James McDonald – RHP – Had a great 2nd half last year,  but needs more time in the minors.  Will probably go back to AA, but will probably be a September callup

7. Jon Meloan – RHP – From what I’ve heard, he’s going back to AAA to learn how to be a starter

8. Greg Miller – LHP – Still needs to learn to control his pitchers.  Will probably start in AAA with hopes of a September call up

9. Cory Wade – RHP – Another pitcher who had a great minor league season last year.  Will probably start in AA and move up to AAA  by mid season.

10. Eric Hull – RHP – Continues to do well in the minors…will probably start the year in AAA, but could see some time with the Dodgers throughout the season



  1. cubbie1638

    Derek Lowe is no longer with the f!#^&@*^ Dodgers you ******** and plus the Dodgers f!#^&@*^ suck

  2. sanchez56

    LA nation whats going on with are dodgers . iknow its still early in the season but come on manny has been gone for nearly a week and were 1-4 what is this telling us. its been disapointing watching them getting beat. what the heck is going on with A. eather since manny has been gone he is not playing well at all leaveing men in scoreing position in close games. and Fercal not playing up to his exspectation compair to last year. striking out alot.i hope we get it together soon we have alot more games without manny. if were going to compete with the top teams.

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